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What are Chapter Projects?

Chapter projects are year-long events where FBLA members can gain practical business skills and knowledge in a more hands-on way than regular competitive events. For chapter projects, Lynbrook FBLA will partner up with an organization/business and help them with something they need. Through this process, participants get exposed to how real businesses and organizations run. There are multiple ways to get involved with chapter projects, such as being an officer or just being an active participant. There are three chapter projects Lynbrook FBLA competes in: American Enterprise Project, Community Service Project, and Partnership with Business Project.

American Enterprise Project

The 2019-2020 Lynbrook FBLA American Enterprise Project is focusing on spreading awareness about entrepreneurship. The goal of this project is to provide community members of all grade levels with a basic understanding of entrepreneurship through hands-on activities, a comprehensive curriculum, and educational events. AEP will be working with Dilworth Elementary students, Miller FBLA students, and Lynbrook FBLA students in order to teach the basics of entrepreneurship. AEP’s main event at the end of the year will be a shark tank styled business competition for the community.

Community Service Project

The 2019-2020 Lynbrook FBLA Community Service project is a partnership with Bay Area Older Adults. This service organization helps engage the elderly in the Bay Area with fun events, socials, classes, fitness sessions, and more. We will be working on program development with goals to develop new programs that are cost-effective and promote physical and mental health for seniors. In addition, fundraising and marketing are important aspects to help BAOA expand their impact and reach more people. Our mission is to improve the general quality of life for senior citizens, all the while teaching FBLA members about partnership skills.

Partnership With Business Project

This year's PWB project will be partnering with Sunnyvale Community Services, which is an organization dedicated to helping the homeless and preventing hunger. We will be planning three major events in the partnership: a donation drive, fundraising auction, and recruiting program. Furthermore, we will be supporting SVCS through marketing their missions and expanding their audience to teens. Members are encouraged to participate in these events in the hope of gaining leadership and business experience in the process of planning and hosting these events. On top of helping SVCS grow as an organization, PWB wants to succeed at the competitive level.